60th Anniversary Celebration

Lake StevensGroup Photo

On June 21st 2017, the Lake Stevens Sewer District celebrated 60 years in our community at the Lake Stevens Waste Water Treatment Plant. Our celebration included a welcoming ceremony by our General Manager Michael Bowers, the announcement of our Green Logo Competition by Tonya Christoffersen, Manager of Administration, a presentation about our District by Casey Mullins, Senior Treatment Plant Operator, and tours of the treatment plant by fellow employees.

We would like to personally thank all those who attended our celebration as well, as those that had entered our Green Logo competition. Thank you for your commitment to helping keep your sewers clean.

OPENING REMARKS – Michael B., General Manager

Welcome to the Lake Stevens Sewer District's 60th Anniversary celebration. 

A special thanks today to Kim Jones, Tonya Christoffersen, as well as Casey & Jeff our senior operators at the Plant, and the entire treatment plant staff for hosting today.

Thank you to our guests, joining our team today to honor 60 years of dedicated service to the Lake Stevens region.  We are pleased with a great turnout from several prominent citizens from Lake Stevens including our current and former District Commissioners.

Michael Bower's 60th Presentation

ABOUT OUR DISTRICT– Casey M., Senior Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator III

Welcome members of the Public, Lake Stevens Sewer District Commissioners, and  District Staff.

A long time ago, back in 1957 …a group of concerned Lake Stevens residents led by Jim and Nancy Mitchell saw aging wastewater disposal systems creating a very real environmental threat by allowing raw sewage to seep in to their pristine Lake. This caused large algae blooms and endangered public health. Something had to be done. Thus, the Lake Stevens Sewer District was born. To put this in the proper perspective, consider that this visionary insight came a full fifteen years BEFORE the Federal Government mandated the Clean Water Act of 1972.      

Casey Mullin's 60th Presentation

WINNING LOGO ANNOUNCEMENT – Tonya C., Manager of Administration 

1st Place: Bella M. & Montana S. 

2nd Place: Alex S. 

3rd Place: Ashton M. 

Special Recognition: James B. Fisher F. Patty L. Janelle P.