District Overview:

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The District is located in Snohomish County, Washington (the “County”), and approximately six miles east of the City of Everett and 30 miles northeast of the City of Seattle. The District was established in 1957 and has provided sewerage service, both collection and treatment, since 1965.

In 2005, the District entered into the Unified Sewer Agreement with the City to operate and maintain all sewer collection and treatment facilities within the entire Lake Stevens Urban Growth Area (“UGA”), both unincorporated area and the City.

Unification Agreement

The District currently operates 94 miles of collection system, 12 miles of interceptor and 29 lift stations and the treatment plant is located adjacent to 9th Street SE and Sunnyside Boulevard above the Snohomish River floodplain. The new Sunnyside Treatment Plant facility provides adequate wastewater treatment and disposal to the District’s service area through 2028, with provisions for upgrades to serve build-out conditions. Tours are availible upon request

The Board of Commissioners

The Lake Stevens Sewer District is governed by a three member Board of Commissioners elected to six year terms. Regular Board meetings are held two times each month. All meetings are open to the public as provided by law and agenda items are prepared in advance. To view information about the current Board Members and their terms of office please click here.


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The Board has considered the information provided by the District staff and engineers to determine the pro rata share of the cost of existing facilities planned for construction within the next ten years and contained in the Comprehensive Plan of the District, together with other costs borne by the District which are directly attributable to the improvements required for property owners who will seek to connect to the system.

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