Capital Facilities Plan

The following is an excerpt of the Lake Stevens Sewer District's Sanitary Sewer System Comprehensive Plan. The Comp Plan, in it's entirety, is too large to post to this web page. If you are interested in reading all or part of the plan you may come into the District office and view it here.


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This chapter presents a summary of the recommended capital improvement projects, followed by recommended scheduling and estimated costs of the projects. The recommendations are summarized in five categories:

The recommended improvements are compiled into a 6-year capital improvement plan for the years 1998 - 2004. The projects that are recommended to be completed beyond 2004 are also summarized in this chapter.

In the future, projects which are not identified as part of the District's CIP presented in the Chapter, may arise. Such a project may be deemed necessary to remedy an emergency situation, to address unforeseen problems, or to accommodate transportation improvements proposed by other agencies. Due to budgetary constraints, the completion of such projects may require alterations to the recommended CIP. The District retains the flexibility to reschedule, expand, or reduce the projects included in the CIP and to add new projects to the CIP, as best determined by the District's commissioners when new information becomes available for review and analysis.

This Chapter also presents a financial plan for implementing the CIP. It includes a description of available funding alternatives, the current sewer rate structure, the present financial status of the sewer utility and the impact of the recommended CIP on sewer rates.


The recommendations in this section are based on the capacity evaluations and comparison of alternatives for future service of the District through the year 2017. For some of the improvements, phasing may be necessary to provide sufficient capacity through buildout. As the District develops and actual population and future measurements of peak flows become available, the recommendations should be revisited and revised, if necessary. A summary of the recommended improvements, including the estimated cost and year of completion is presented in Table 8-1. The schedule for implementing the improvements is presented in Table 8-2. The location of each improvement is shown on a map of the District in Figure 6-2. *

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*(System Improvements (Table 6-2)is a PDF file. You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view this file.)

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